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Steelers vs. Panthers reactions: fans take to social media to air grievances after 25-10 loss to Panthers

There wasn't a whole lot to be optimistic about, and that's usually the best time to check out Twitter for the reactions of fans and media types alike.

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Reactions to the Steelers loss on Twitter Thursday night aren't exactly positive, as one might expect.

An interesting thought whether Felix Jones did enough to make the roster, even if it didn't appear a roster spot with Jones's to earn. Did he do enough?

Dead ball foul, excessive dramatics, Mr. Kovacevic, 15 angry Tweet penalty, still second down.

Haley's decision to play Landry Jones for four straight quarters definitely should be questioned. Odds are very good he won't do that in Week 1, but he should be criticized for it anyway.

From our "not exactly optimistic, but not overly negative either" files, Mr. Kaboly adds a glimmer of It Could Be Worse sensibility.

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