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Alan Baxter turning into the Adrian Robinson of the 2013 Steelers training camp

Both were undrafted out of non-BCS schools, but UDFA OLB Alan Baxter is out-performing second-year OLB Adrian Robinson, one training camp removed from Robinson's eye-opening set of practices in 2012.

Vincent Pugliese-USA TODAY Sport

Much can change from training camp to training camp.

The Steelers' 2012 Training Camp Darling, outside linebacker Adrian Robinson, appears to be in the process of having his title usurped by fellow OLB Alan Baxter, according to Dale Lolley.

In Lolley's words:

"Tomlin chewed Robinson out during backs on backers, saying, 'Adrian, you don't inspire me from an energy standpoint. You had better pick your shit up.'"

Not exactly a vote of confidence for the second year player out of Temple.

It's a fickle thing, the position of Training Camp Darling. Baxter, though, is very explosive off the edge, and had a very productive career at Northern Illinois. He's roughly the same height as former Steelers OLB James Harrison, and while considerably younger, doesn't have the same lower body strength. However, Baxter's speed off the snap can't be ignored.

With a big toe injury suffered by Jason Worilds, causing him to miss Friday's practice, it's a chance not just for Jarvis Jones - the Steelers' top draft pick in 2013 - to show his worth, it's an opportunity for Baxter and Robinson as well.

For Robinson's sake, it seems like he'll need to show some more energy. Baxter's cruising into his Camp Darling spot without much competition.

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