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Cortez Allen says his rehab is "day-to-day" in a Tomlinesque diagnosis

In a Tomlinesque statement, Steelers cornerback Cortez Allen said his rehabilitation following minor knee surgery is best taken "day-to-day."

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

Steelers cornerback Cortez Allen takes well to coaching.

After having only played high school football for one season, then four more years at The Citadel, Allen is poised to be a starter in his third season with the Steelers. Tough to do that if you don't respond well to coaching.

That coaching seems to include his communication with the media.

Allen spoke through the team's web site, in words eerily similar to the ones Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin might use to describe the beginning of his recovery from minor knee surgery. He's expected to be out for the next few weeks.

"I have to be smart about it," Allen said of the start of his rehab. "Like Coach (Mike) Tomlin said it's a day-to-day thing."

Perhaps this is the best way to approach things, but everything is a day-to-day thing for Coach Tomlin. It's hard to argue his overall record, even if it does produce fairly bland commentary.

On the flip side, a walking quote machine like Rex Ryan doesn't seem all that appealing either.

While Allen is recovering, the Steelers will utilize William Gay and Curtis Brown as their starter and nickel corners, respectively. Gay might shift inside in nickel situations with Brown on the outside.

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