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Troy Polamalu has a 'contusion to the birth certificate'

Steelers coach Mike Tomlin passively states the age of safety Troy Polamalu had a big part in him not participating in practice Sunday.


Just when it's easy to rip Steelers coach Mike Tomlin for being bland, he comes up with one of the more clever ways to say "he has a day off" ever to have been spoken.

In speaking about why Steelers safety Troy Polamalu missing Sunday's practice session, Tomlin responded, "he has a contusion to the birth certificate."

Not gonna lie, we had to think about that for a second.

While one could make a case for ageism, Polamalu's increasing clicks on the odometer bring with it a certain amount of leeway when it comes to participating in another practice.

The Steelers will practice again Monday before having Tuesday off. Two more practice sessions will occur before the Steelers host the New York Giants Saturday in the first preseason games of both teams.

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