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Antonio Brown and Ike Taylor 'tussle' after Brown beats him 'several times'

A slight dust-up between combatants who are used to post-whistle training camp spats with each other was highlighted by Brown's performance Monday.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

Nice Pick, Cowher lead writer and BTSC friend Nick Kelly is in Latrobe, tweeting running results of the practices.

It seems he's repeating some news from last year.

Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown and cornerback Ike Taylor got into three separate altercations during training camp last season. It got to the point Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert even intervened.

It seems like this year, according to Kelly at least, Taylor needs Colbert to separate them again.

Or this one, maybe to a lesser effect.

Obviously it's one person's opinion, but the question always has to be asked, is it Brown beating Taylor, or more Taylor getting beaten?

Considering the shape Taylor keeps himself in, and the amount of time they've had in camp so far, one has to be inclined to think Brown is playing at a high level.

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