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Maurkice Pouncey didn't realize Mike Adams was at left tackle

There's a lot for a center to know, so there's a reason to give Pouncey a pass for not realizing the team's offensive tackles, Mike Adams (left) and Marcus Gilbert (right) had switched sides.


Perhaps the comment was made in jest, and it's easy to see why it would draw a laugh.

Steelers center Maurkice Pouncey's comments quoted In the notebook written by Tribune-Review's Mark Kaboly and Alan Robinson will draw a laugh, perhaps followed by a pause for thought. The Steelers have moved Mike Adams from right tackle to left over the last few practices, but Pouncey, presumably attempting to downplay the move, said he wasn't even aware of it.

"I didn't even realize it until Ramon (Foster) told me."

Maybe this is being too pretentious but it seems like a center should know which players are playing where. Each position stands in a designated spot in the huddle, but they are all facing the quarterback, so it's possible Pouncey really didn't see the change.

As for the change itself, Adams hinted at being happy with the move, because he's not only used to playing that position -- didn't play on the right side until last season -- but he's also naturally left-handed.

The two flipped spots Friday in the team's night practice, and haven't changed back since. Steelers coach Mike Tomlin said it was simply wanting to establish position flexibility - judging by the team's lack of tackle depth, it's smart to figure which starter would move to replace the other should the situation call for it.

If nothing else, it's comforting to know Foster will be there to give Pouncey current updates on "As The Offensive Line Turns (But Remains Upright)."

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