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Cortez Allen aiming for return in Week 1 vs. Tennessee Titans

While his right knee, subject of recent surgery, is "improving," Allen is expected to miss nearly all of the remaining preseason. The Steelers won't give specifics on Allen's surgery, it seems similar to the description given after rookie cornerback Terry Hawthorne's surgery in May.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

The Steelers have been intentionally vague on the timetable of Cortez Allen's return to the field after undergoing "minor" knee surgery last week.

Tribune-Review reporter Ralph N. Paulk quotes Allen himself as suggesting his return in the Steelers' season-opener against the Tennessee Titans is still very much possible.

Generally, the update Steelers coach Mike Tomlin has given has been Allen will be out "for a few weeks," suggesting he's certainly out for the team's preseason-opener against the New York Giants Saturday, and probably for the second game at Washington Aug. 19.

Writes Paulk:

Allen declined to offer any specifics of his surgery. Coach Mike Tomlin said last week his surgery was simply a "clean-up" procedure and will be evaluated on a day-to-day basis. "I'm just trying to be smart about it," said Allen, who had three starts last season. "I can't really give a timetable on it, but I just have to follow the instructions of the training staff."

The general secrecy in which the Steelers have acted in reference to Allen's surgery isn't exactly rare - they seemingly won't give specifics unless it's practically required by Federal law - the "clean-up" nature of his injury can usually be specified generally.

It's also roughly the same explanation the team gave for rookie Terry Hawthorne's knee surgery, which he had in May. Hawthorne practiced briefly in training camp, but has missed the last few sessions with issues with that same knee.

It's apples to oranges, and whatever work the highly anticipated third-year Steelers cornerback needs to prepare for the season is fine.

It'd be wise to look around for some depth in case the vague timetable gets extended a few weeks.

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