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Steelers depth chart: Mike Adams top left tackle for preseason game against Giants

It used to be about position flexibility. Now, it seems the Steelers intend to give Mike Adams a start at left tackle when the Steelers take on the Giants in their first preseason game Aug. 10.

Vincent Pugliese-USA TODAY Sport

It may not mean anything, and will ultimately pale in comparison to both the first snap of the game, as well as the first snaps of three other preseason games, but something compelled the Steelers enough to place Mike Adams at left tackle on the team's depth chart.

Steelers coach Mike Tomlin recently said a switch between Adams and Marcus Gilbert from right tackle to left, respectively, was done for the sake of building position flexibility, and there was nothing more to it.

They're going a ways to create that flexibility, if Adams is not, in fact, supplanting Gilbert at that left tackle spot.

Adams played left tackle in the team's preseason opener against Philadelphia last year, and had more than a few Welcome to the NFL moments. After playing reasonably well at times from the right side, the assumption was he would be back on the right side this year. Until last week, Gilbert had taken the snaps from the left side.

Perhaps this is the tryout most assumed wasn't happening between the two. It's subject to change over three more preseason games, but even if Tomlin came out and said they're going to rotate the two, and the starter was determined by alphabetical order, it's hard to believe Adams is not seen as the team's left tackle right now.

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