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Starters to see 10-12 snaps, Bell may get some of them

Steelers' coach Mike Tomlin gives a brief description of what to expect from the first team against the Giants on Saturday.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

Mike Tomlin made it clear today the amount of workload that the starters would be getting for the first preseason game of 2013 against the New York Giants 7:30 p.m. ET Saturday.

Starters should be expected to play anywhere from 10-12 snaps on Saturday. But within those 10-12 snaps we should expect Steelers rookie running back LeVeon Bell to see some opportunities to play with the first team offense.

However, Tomlin made it clear that he also will be giving Bell repetitions with the second team as well so the Steelers can provide as much gametime exposure to their younger players. He did not specify how much of the starting snaps Bell would see, as Redman and Dwyer are still in the mix for the fight to be first on the depth chart at the position.

Tomlin would further elaborate that both Redman and Dwyer, who were primary ball-carriers for Pittsburgh in 2012, have responded to the competition with Bell as he expected.

"Every year guys come into camp and those that are returning are pitted with new people vying for jobs, new guys that are capable of seizing roles and competing for work. They respond in the way professionals should. They are competing and it’s bringing out the best in them."

'Iron sharpens iron" is one of the Tomlinisms that the Steelers embrace. We'll see who's sharper among the running back corps through the first quarter of the preseason Saturday night.

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