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National Steelers Bar Tour kicks off this Saturday

Former Steelers punter Josh Miller and Shawn Allen team up to tour 100 Steeler bars across the United States starting this weekend.

Joe Sargent

Two years ago I went to the Steelers vs. Cardinals game in Phoenix, Arizona and was astonished at how there were more Steelers fans than Cardinals fans actually at the game. I had always heard friends and family talk about how well Steelers fans traveled, but I was in awe of how many black-and-gold jerseys there were.

I could tell a dozen or so awesome stories about that day, but the point was that I got a glimpse of just how wide the Steelers' fan base actually is. I've heard similar stories about San Francisco, San Diego, Miami, Tampa Bay, and more. My uncle traveled a lot for his job over the years and said that no matter what major city he was in, there was a Steelers sports bar to be found.

Now there is an ultimate tour of the United States by radio sports talk analysts Josh Miller and Shawn Allen, who plan to tour the country to visit 100 Steelers bars and determine which have the best experiences.

Click on the link provided above to view the page and view the tour dates/locations. You can also vote on which bars Miller and Allen should visit as they go from city to city, and add your own personal opinions to their tour.

Ultimately the 140-day tour will culminate in a book written by Miller and Allen. You can pre-order the book, to be titled: "Always a Home Game," here for $19.74 ($75 imaginary dollars to the fan who can guess why that price!).

Everything considered, this seems like a great idea and a fun experience to keep an eye on this season. If you're a Steelers fan living abroad in the United States, check the tour dates to see when they come to your town and see if you can make it. Sounds like Miller and Allen are lining up this season to be a great time for them; we should all get in on the fun.

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