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Burress confirmed to have torn rotator cuff; possibly out for season

Reports came in Thursday night to confirm that Burress injury during practice was a torn rotator cuff and that he will likely miss the season.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

After half a day of speculation, the news arrived of Burress' injury report.  The 36 year old receiver tore his rotator cuffduring practice, for which he was carted off the field on Thursday.

The severity of the injury is very serious and usually means several weeks for the player to recover, if not several months. For Burress it means that he will most likely miss the 2013 season. During Thursday practice he came down on his shoulder after going up for a pass over Da'Mon Cromartie-Smith and Ryan Steed.

Burress had been the player many attributed to being the team's redzone threat with Heath Miller recovering from injury because of his large frame as a receiver. Although he would not start, he could have been a strong utility player for Roethlisberger to use in fitting circumstances.

While the loss of Burress is not devastating, it does continue the trend of unfortunate injuries that have befallen many Steelers lately. Unfortunately for a 36 year old such an injury could mean the end of his career. Burress was taking on the role of the wily veteran for the receiving core along with Jericho Cotchery. Now there's one more spot on the receiving depth chart that is open for Justin Brown and company to make the roster.

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