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Steelers vs. Giants 2013: 5 Questions with Big Blue View

Big Blue View editor Ed Valentine took some time to answer five questions from Behind The Steel Curtain on the upcoming Giants vs. Steeleers preseason game.

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1. How has Ryan Mundy been looking for you at this point? He wasn't exactly a great player for us, but we always keep tabs on former Steelers.

Mundy is not a superstar, the Giants knew that when they signed him. He is a useful player, however, and is fitting in nicely. The Giants like to use packages with three safeties, and Mundy appears likely to be that third guy as of now. I expect him to get a decent amount of playing time for the Giants.

2. In that same vein, how do you guys feel about Plaxico Burress? I could make a "shot himself in the foot joke," but I won't. He shot himself in the leg. Obviously, he was a big part of a Super Bowl championship team. Are fans still bitter with how his Giant's career ended?

Burress? Could care less, really. I heard Friday morning that he tore a rotator cuff, and I doubt any Giants' fans will shed a tear if that's the end of his career. He was a terrific player for the Giants for a while, but he was also a jerk. And his 2008 "incident" cost the Giants a chance to win back-to-back Super Bowls. So, are fans still bitter? I think the tone of my response gives you your answer.

3. How do you see the market developing for WR Hakeem Nicks? It gets harder to keep two high-level WRs as the Steelers saw with Mike Wallace and Antonio Brown.

What happens with Nicks could be a fascinating thing to watch. The Giants have already paid Victor Cruz big money and they have Rueben Randle looking like he could become a star. If Randle plays well enough it might not matter what Nicks does in 2013 -- the Giants might decide to just give that job to Randle. My guess? If Nicks leaves the Giants -- which right this minute is what I think is going to happen -- I think he ends up going home and playing for the Carolina Panthers.

4. What is your favorite moment in Giants history?

Oh, boy. Well, there is Scott Norwood and wide right in the 1990 Super Bowl. There's the helmet catch by David Tyree in the 2008 Super Bowl. I think I am going to go with this -- I don't know if it ever gets any better than beating the heavily-favored and arrogant New England Patriots TWICE in the Super Bowl within a five-year span.

5. Do you cringe when you see Eli Manning with his brother appearing in commercials during the season? Is there a legitimate fear about the success of his rap career?

Nah. That was hilarious. I loved it, and his teammates loved it. Alexander Graham Bell? "Who cares? Dude's dead!" Best line ever.

You can catch Big Blue View's version of 5 Questions on their site along with some great responses from their fans.

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