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Adams on left and Gilbert on right may be what Steelers start in Week 1

It appears the Steelers are going to give the left tackle job to Mike Adams - if not on a permanent basis now, that will be the case in the near future. Is that the last move they'll make, though?

Vincent Pugliese-USA TODAY Sport

According to Post Gazette reporter Gerry Dulac, Mike Adams starting on the left side with Marcus Gilbert on the right may not have been announced as a permanent decision, but it seems like a matter of time until it is.

In Dulac's estimation, the decision to keep Adams on the right side is due to Adams being a stronger run blocker from that side. After the first two weeks of camp, it seems more like Gilbert is stronger on the right side, than the left, and the Steelers want to hold true to the (somewhat antiquated) idea of being a "right-handed" running team.

In many ways, the notion of teams running primarily to the right side is simply untrue. The versatility of pass rushers and their movement around the formation oftentimes triggers line-of-scrimmage checks into running plays, and those could go from anywhere around the formation.

If Gilbert, who didn't impress and was hampered by injuries after a decent 2011 rookie season, is being moved to the right side, then who's to say he's set there? He was moved without the Steelers having even played a preseason game - assuming Adams gets the start on the left side Saturday, which is expected to happen.

Judging by how this appears to be playing out, Dulac is right; it may not be official now, but it seems headed in that direction. The better question is whether that will be the last shake-up the team looks to make on the offensive line.

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