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Plaxico Burress injury: Steelers receiver set for surgery

Burress will have surgery on his shoulder, the team is reporting Friday.

Joe Corrigan

The Steelers announced wide receiver Plaxico Burress will undergo surgery on his injured shoulder. He reportedly suffered a torn rotator cuff in Thursday's practice.

The injury is believed to be significant enough to cost him his season, although the team has not confirmed that yet.

The Steelers will likely be left with a wide open spot for the Steelers' 5WR position this season. While the team kept just four wide receivers last year, the decision to keep five is more common in the NFL. Most likely, Antonio Brown, Emmanuel Sanders and Markus Wheaton will fill three of those spots, and a fourth will probably go to Jerricho Cotchery - although his $1 million base salary is a bit higher than expected for a player who's caught 33 passes for 442 yards and two touchdowns in two seasons in Pittsburgh.

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