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Even after final cuts, can't get a feel for the 2013 Steelers

Jonathan Dwyer is gone, and five tight ends are here. Other than that, it's hard to gauge the 2013 Pittsburgh Steelers, based on final cuts and preseason performance.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The Steelers made their final cuts on Saturday, and their leading rusher from a year ago, Jonathan Dwyer, is gone. Their heir apparent to Casey Hampton, Alameda Ta'amu, is gone. Their tall receiver is here, but it's not veteran Plaxico Burress, and it's not rookie Justin Brown. It's someone I didn't even have on my radar until he caught the team's first offensive touchdown of the preseason - Derek Moye - and he may have only won a roster spot simply because he showed hustle on Thursday when he ran down a defensive back who picked off Landry Jones.

Pittsburgh now has five tight ends on the roster, but the top two--Heath Miller and Matt Spaeth-- won't see the field until perhaps Halloween.

Which running back will open the season as the starter? If it's Felix Jones, that would be amazing, since just last week, I kind of made fun of the team's acquisition of him in this article. If it is him, that might force me to eat some crow, but would it inspire confidence in even the most die-hard fan?

Of course, I do realize it's 2013, and at the end of the day, the team will go where Ben Roethlisberger takes it. However, thanks to the very light treading that coaches do in the preseason these days with regards to using starters, I really have no idea how well Roethlisberger will mesh with Antonio Brown, Emmanuel Sanders, and yes, even David Paulson (Lord, help me) in his second season orchestrating Todd Haley's offensive philosophy.

I'm not that worried about Ta'amu losing his shot as Hampton's replacement. Maybe Steve McLendon will prove to be the real deal in his first full season as a starting nose tackle, but again, this doesn't necessarily instill me with confidence.

Troy Polamalu is flying around like it's 2010, and LaMarr Woodley is looking like someone who is trying to impress that anonymous teammate, but what about Jason Worilds? Did he do enough to seize total control of James Harrison's old spot? First round pick Jarvis Jones looked quite impressive in the preseason, but he fell on a football and had to be taken to the hospital. He's fine, but......just but.

I didn't get a real feel for the team by watching any of the preseason games, but like Ivan Cole touched on in this piece, preseason football isn't necessarily a place to do research for the upcoming season. And that might explain why I fell asleep during three of the games, with the exception being the second exhibition game against the Redskins. You know, the one where I thought Dwyer made a strong case for himself as the opening day starter at running back?

So, anyway.

I have no idea where I'm going with this piece, but I find that fitting, because I think it captures very succinctly how I feel about where the 2013 Pittsburgh Steelers season is heading.......I simply don't know.

But I hear that Le'Veon Bell is pretty good.

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