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Titans brought a few Terrible Towels back to Tennessee

Titans quarterback Jake Locker pointed out a few Terrible Towels made the flight back to Nashville after Tennessee's 16-9 victory in Week 1.

Justin K. Aller
Last year, there was a brief to-do about Ravens running back Ray Rice wearing a Terrible Towel over his head as he left Heinz Field (in a 20-carry, 40 yard performance in which Baltimore failed to score an offensive touchdown).

Titans quarterback Jake Locker made mention of a few Terrible Towels floating around their locker room, en route for Nashville, after the Titans beat the Steelers 16-9 in Week 1.

From Pro Football Talk:

"I know of a few floating around the locker room,” Titans quarterback Jake Locker told Erik Kuselias of NBCSN’s Pro Football Talk on Tuesday. “I didn’t personally get one home but I know that a few made the trip back. So I should try and track one down I guess.”

Maybe it's just a momento signifying an outstanding accomplishment - it's been 10 years since the Steelers lost their home opener. Perhaps a few players don't mind playing the role of the punk, and feel it's somehow their responsibility to show up the franchise by once again desecrating the symbol of Steelers' fandom world-wide.

Whatever the reason, it shows again the significance of victories over the Steelers from teams that haven't won anything.

It probably isn't a coincidence we don't read stories about Steelers players taking back with them whatever knock-off Terrible Towel the opposing home team gave away to fans the week of the game.

At least Gatorade showers weren't involved this time.

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