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5 Burning Questions Left in the Wake of the Torturing from the Titans

Is Mike Tomlin really to "blame" for having his emergency tight end double as his back up center? What does Steelers Nation think of cut blocks now? Will the Steelers rebound or regress vs. Cincinnati. Answer these and other Burning Questions on the Steelers.

Will the Steelers Need Jarvis Jones to unlock some of the power hidden in no. 95?
Will the Steelers Need Jarvis Jones to unlock some of the power hidden in no. 95?
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

The Steelers have begun the 2013 season. And Titan's torturing of the Steelers was not a pretty sight.

Fingers have been pointed, roster moves made, salaries reconfigured, but in the wake of all of it, there still remain 5 Burning Questions for Steelers Nation to struggle with....

1. You Are Mike Tomlin: What would you have said to your locker room on Monday morning?

2. Mike Tomlin has taken a lot of heat for having his backup tight end serve as his back up center. While the situation itself is pretty damming, is he really at "fault?" Or was this gamble simply the result of game-day roster juggling brought about by the fact that the Steelers are very short handed at offensive line, tight end, and even fullback?

3. Two years ago after the Debacle in Baltimore Steelers Nation decried the use of cut blocks as a legal but still dirty play. Given that Maurkice Pouncey was injured as David DeCastro was attempting a cut block of his own, do you think it would be wise for the Steelers to reconsider the use of a practice Steelers Nation once questioned?

4. The Titans game was an unmitigated disaster. Even so... When Jarvis Jones stopped Chris Johnson dead in his tracks behind the line of scrimmage, did the hair on your arm stand up a little when you once again saw the sight of Number 95 making Splash plays for the Steelers?

5. Looking forward to the Bengals game, which Steelers unit/position area do you think stands the biggest chance for a rebound and which unit do you think will take a step back or, worse yet, regress?

There you go. Have at it folks.

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