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Twitter reactions to Steelers loss at Cincinnati

Plenty of opinions are flying around about how the Steelers managed to find themselves at 0-2 after a 20-10 loss to the Bengals Monday night.

Andy Lyons

There is, of course, the smartass...

This is followed often by some kind of acknowledgement that misery loves company.

Focusing on game-related tweets, though, it appears James Harrison had less to do with this game than initially anticipated.

You really do need to start to worry about the frustration that's bound to set in. Although it's hard to agree this is entirely Todd Haley's fault, Roethlisberger threw some very poor passes Monday, and many of them came from clean pockets.

At least Sky Bayless isn't giving up on the they've got THAT goin' for them...which is nice.

Or maybe coddling Roethlisberger is the thing to do now, who knows?

It's very hard to see how anyone can give Roethlisberger a pass in that game. His interception was a poorly thrown pass, he missed receivers deep all night and whether the offensive line had given him the protection of an Iraqi security company in the past is beside the point; he had a chance to lead this team to a win last night, and he once again failed to do it. Hasn't done it in quite a while, actually.

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