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Steelers fall to 27th in SB Nation power rankings

In wake of a 20-10 loss at Cincinnati, the Steelers fall to one of their lowest points in recent memory.

Kirk Irwin

It's tough to recall if there's been a time the Steelers have been at or lower than 27 in any serious power rankings list.

SB Nation's Ryan Van Bibber has them at 27 in his latest edition, and as painful as it is, it's hard to dispute it as well.

RVB's reasoning: "Watching this team makes me feel old. Time to start thinking about next year in Pittsburgh. At least the Pirates are good this year."

When references to other sports teams begin making for better commentary on where a team stands, things aren't good.

Things aren't good in Pittsburgh.

Fortunately, it's only two games. Statistics may suggest there's a considerable issue recently with making the playoffs after starting 0-2, statistics show where things were, not where they will be. Most likely. Maybe.

The Denver Broncos are No. 1, followed by the Seahakws, 49ers, Texans and Patriots. The Bears, the Steelers' Week 3 opponents, are No. 8.

Carolina, Oakland, Tampa Bay, Cleveland and Jacksonville finished behind the Steelers at 28-32, respectively.

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