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Chiefs vs. Eagles Thursday Night Football Open Thread

Week 3 kicks off tonight with the resurgent Chiefs against the Eagles.

Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

Hey, did you know Andy Reid used to coach the Eagles?

Did you know Chip Kelly's Eagles offense runs plays very quickly?

If you didn't, you probably stumbled across this web site on complete accident. Either way, the point we're making is there's a football game on tonight. We're going to watch it amid some home improvement projects.

Doing home improvement is a lot like writing...I have limited skills in both areas, but the main difference is hitting the delete key is far more expensive on my "Shower Knob Replacement" plan.

While Chris, the way-too-nice friend of a friend cranks away, we're chilling beer for him and ordering a pizza. Not that you needed this Facebook-level lame comment, but odds are good it makes no difference to you anyway, cuz you're waiting to see who will make the first comment.

My undying respect and an eBeer for whomever comments first, only if they can recommend someone who can lay carpeting.

Enjoy the game, let's get ready for Sunday.