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Jonathan Dwyer is not claimed on waivers, now a free agent

In the end, it appears Dwyer's one-year contract at $1.3 million was too steep for other teams to pick up. He is now a free agent, though, and could sign a multi-year deal with a team.

Grant Halverson

As the battle ensues in Steelers Nation over whether Jonathan Dwyer should have been released as part of the team's cuts down to 53 players for the 2013 season, it would seem those in favor of the release scored a point.

Dwyer cleared waivers Sunday, meaning no team was willing to pick up his one-year, $1.3 million contract for the 2013 season. He got that deal as a restricted free agent with the Steelers. He is now an unrestricted free agent, and will likely have multiple suitors - if he doesn't already.

We've suggested Cleveland and Baltimore as two possible landing spots for the fourth-year veteran, and there will be many others, if his price tag is reduced.

Dwyer has been a somewhat productive back in his time with the Steelers. The team gave him a $1.3 million tag as an RFA largely to motivate him to stay in shape and come into camp preapred - which by all accounts, he did. It just did not appear Dwyer was a good fit for a zone running scheme.

We broke Dwyer's carries down in this offense, and the results did not jump out and scream "he's worth $1.3 million."

The fact no one else was willing to claim him at that price suggests other teams felt similarly. However, a team in more of a power and/or isolation concept will likely make a run at him, albeit for a bit less money.

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