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Report: Steelers coaching staff not behind release of Jonathan Dwyer

An implied message passed via Twitter by Tribune Review reporter Mark Kaboly opens up a new dimension in the controversial release of running back Jonathan Dwyer.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

An ominous Tweet by Tribune Review reporter Mark Kaboly is likely to fuel the fire raging over why Steelers running back Jonathan Dwyer was released.

That largely suggests it was a front office decision, which makes sense. Dwyer was on the hook for $1.3 million in 2013 on a one-year restricted free agency deal.

While it's not common we're privy to the internal workings of the Steelers - a traditionally tight-lipped franchise - this gives some insight into the controversy Dwyer's release that's brewing among fans.

Dwyer led the team in rushing in 2012. His 623 yards, though, were the lowest amount to lead the team in two decades, and he only scored two touchdowns. His price tag was a bit hefty for that kind of contribution, but the team kept Isaac Redman, who received the same tender level deal in RFA, and barely played this preseason.

Why keep one over the other? The team hasn't, as of Sunday morning, announced the signing of a player who could justify the desire for extra cap space, so to Kaboly's implied point, even a financial decision seems confusing.

There is a difference between salary cap space and simple revenue, though. A player overpriced at $1.3 million is still overpriced, even if they're paying someone else the same amount for, at best, similar production.

This seems like something that might not go away for a while, especially considering the strong possibility of a team like division rival Cleveland being in need of a back-up running back. (Update: Cleveland claimed former Ravens RB Bobby Rainey off waivers)

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