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Browns Mike Holmgren offered his entire 2012 draft to Indianapolis for top pick

The Browns fired Mike Holmgren as part of many moves under new owner Jimmy Haslem. Holmgren took to the airwaves Thursday condemning the organization's decision to trade Trent Richardson to Indianapolis.

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Hindsight is 20/20 and there's nothing more revealing than the accusations of a former NFL executive taking to the radio.

Former Browns president Mike Holmgren appeared on Sports Radio 950 KJR in Seattle Thursday, seemingly baffled over Cleveland's recent decision to trade running back Trent Richardson to the Indianapolis Colts for a first round draft pick.

What's more, Holmgren, who was fired amid an ownership change in Cleveland, says he offered Indianapolis general manager Ryan Grigson every pick in his 2012 draft to move up to the No. 1 spot.

"I talked to (Grigson) last year (at the owners meetings) before we made the trade (to move up and get Richardson)," he told the radio station, as transcribed by ESPN.

"I said, 'I'll give you all of our draft picks for the No. 1 pick and I'll take Luck. I'll give the whole draft to you. "I said, 'Ryan let's do the deal, right now, right here.' He said, 'We're taking Luck.' We were by the pool, I might've even had a lemonade in my hand. He didn't take me seriously, because I was ready to pull the trigger. They were going to take him, and they should've taken him. They did the right thing, but he said if some craziness would've happened, they would've taken Trent Richardson. And now a year later, they get both of them."

Essentially, Holmgren is saying they offered the Colts the Browns' entire draft, shades of the Saints' deal with the Redskins in 1999. New Orleans gave Washington, owners of the No. 5 overall pick, No. 12 (Rd. 1), 71 (Rd. 3), No. 106, No. 144, No. 179 (Rd. 6), No. 218 (Rd. 7), as well as the Saints' first and third round picks in 2000.

Needless to say, Ditka didn't last much longer in New Orleans.

Along with that, Holmgren said the Colts' contingency plan would have been to draft Richardson, not Redskins QB Robert Griffin III or Vikings OT Matt Kalil, who, when combined with Luck, are clearly the three most productive players from the top half of that draft.

How much of what Holmgren said is the truth is a matter of some conjecture, but if nothing else, it's interesting how Holmgren is pointing out: 1.) his "vehement" disagreement with the trade the new Browns regime made, and 2.) How Holmgren was so set on Luck, he would have traded his entire draft for him.

If anything, the Browns' front office appears to be lining themselves up to take a signal-caller in the 2014 draft - one that is projected to be as deep at the position as any in recent memory.

All it cost them was a running back who's constantly injured and rushes for 50 yards a game.

Holmgren is not currently employed by any NFL team.

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