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5 questions with Windy City Gridiron

SB Nation's Chicago Bears blog, Windy City Gridiron, takes a few moments to answer five pressing questions heading into Sunday Night Football in Week 3.

David Banks

Dane Noble, the front man of Windy City Gridiron, brought his edgy opinion over to Behind The Steel Curtain to share his views on Sunday night's Bears at Steelers game in Week 3. You can check out Windy City Gridiron here.

1. Jay Cutler, through two games, looks vastly different than he did last year. He looks calm and composed, and he's doing a great job. What do you think the main difference is between him last year and this year?

This is the first time since Cutler has been in Chicago that he's had an offensive-minded head coach. His previous play-callers have been Ron Turner, Mike Martz, and Mike Tice, none of whom had very much success. Now that Marc Trestman is in town, along with Aaron Komar, Cutler is enjoying a dynamic, cerebral offensive system. Not to mention four new starters on the offensive line. It's amazing how good he can be when he is set up to succeed.

2. Chicago has a slight match-up put it mildly...between LT Mike Adams and DE Julius Peppers. How much of an impact do you feel Peppers will make in this game?

Peppers has been quiet in his first two games so far this season, but he's always going to draw double teams. It's been a little surprising that he hasn't made as big of an impact as the Bears are used to seeing, but he's still going to be a factor. This could be the week that he finally has a big game.

3. Where would you put TE Martellus Bennett in terms of the better tight ends in the game? Do you feel he's a top five kind of guy?

Bennett has quickly become a target of Cutler in the red zone, especially inside the 10 yard line. Not only does he have the size, but has shown great hands, and has been difficult to bring down after the catch. He's reminded me a lot of Desmond Clark in his prime, but bigger. He might not be considered top-5 right now, but if the season continues for him the way he's started out of the gate, he could definitely end up there.

4. Former Bear Matt Spaeth fit right into the Steelers' culture by getting injured during training camp. Was he a player you feel Chicago wanted to keep, or was he simply not a fit?

Spaeth was someone that I always liked in Chicago-- big, strong, and athletic-- but he never established himself as a starter. Like his counterpart Kellen Davis, Spaeth would make some great catches and have bursts of athleticism, but then have stretches where he couldn't catch anything thrown his way, and would be a liability in blocking schemes. He;s definitely got potential, but to stick on a roster, a player has to live up to that potential. The coaches in Pittsburgh will have a challenge in getting him to be productive, but it could happen.

5. Who was the better quarterback, Henry Burris or Moses Moreno?

~ PTSD ~ * blacks out *

Sorry, I'm back. And shame on you for this one.

Let's look at some quick career stats in Chicago:

Burris: 6 games played, 1 game started. 18/51, 207 yds, 3 TD, 5 INT (UDFA in 2002 via CFL)
Moreno: 2 games played, 1 game started. 19/43, 166 yds, 1 TD, 0 INT (7th round draft pick in 1998)

I think the answer is clearly: Rex Grossman.

Be sure to check out WCG before the game for the latest information on the Chicago Bears, the Steelers' Week 3 opponents. You can follow them on Twitter @WindyCGridiron

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