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Bears vs. Steelers: To have a chance, LaMarr Woodley needs to dominate

Steelers OLB LaMarr Woodley needs to generate pressure against Chicago's rythmic, short passing offense if the Steelers are going to slow the Bears down in Week 3.

Andy Lyons

There's plenty of reason to doubt the Steelers' chances against the Chicago Bears in Week 3.

The weight of outside linebacker LaMarr Woodley, or his explosion off the ball, aren't a part of those worries.

Woodley has been the Steelers' main source of pressure over the last two games, and while that hasn't resulted in scores of sacks (Woodley has the team's lone QB takedown this year), he is getting past blockers and close enough to make quarterbacks uncomfortable.

Much can, and should, be made over the advantage the Bears have at their defensive right side advantage, with DE Julius Peppers going against the inconsistent Mike Adams (and most likely at least one tight end). The Steelers' have their own favorable comparison of Woodley against rookie RT Jordan Mills.

Mills got a piece of Jared Allen of the Minnesota Vikings a bit in Chicago's 31-30 win over Minnesota in Week 2. Never a fun assignment with which to wet one's feet, but Woodley won't be any easier for him. While Allen, one of the games' premier pass rushers over the last several years, has outstanding length and speed, Woodley brings a 270-pound frame with a two-step head start off the Steelers' left defensive edge.

His explosion off the snap brings fans back to an earlier day when Woodley would use his unique combination of strength and speed to wear down opposing right tackles throughout the course of a game. He's capable of turning it on late and helping the Steelers' defense get that late big play - something for which they used to be known.

Woodley has a match-up he has to like against Mills, so instead of the question being surrounded by Woodley's weight holding him back, it's how much of his weight can Mills handle smashing into him play after play.

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