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Report: Browns looking to trade WR Josh Gordon

Cleveland isn't looking to tank their season, just to overhaul all of their offensive personnel three weeks into the season.

Matt Sullivan

The Cleveland Browns are looking to deal wide receiver Josh Gordon, reports ESPN's Adam Schefter.

Cleveland just dealt running back Trent Richardson to Indianapolis for a 2014 first round pick.

If it is true, and not something Gordon's agent is planting to drum up interest to get his client off the sinking ship, this news is enough to lose a locker room.

Unless Gordon, fresh off a suspension for a violation of the league's substance abuse policy, was simply put in the doghouse of the new regime in Cleveland. With that in mind Gordon won't bring much value.

A team like the Patriots, shockingly thin at the position, may be an interested party. The last time the Patriots dealt for a troubled receiver from a struggling AFC team, it worked in their favor.

Gordon's no Randy Moss. But are the Browns as unpredictable as the Raiders?