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Bears vs. Steelers second half open thread

It's gone from bad to worse in Pittsburgh, as the Steelers are down two touchdowns heading into the second half.

Gregory Shamus

The Steelers haven't led at halftime this season, so the fact they trail the Bears 24-10 heading into the third quarter isn't a surprise. Nor is the massive amount of pressure coming off the offensive left side - that also happens a lot.

Middling performances from both quarterbacks are also seemingly frequent - neither Bears QB Jay Cutler nor Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger look particularly impressive.

More than anything, the most common element is big plays; the Steelers opponents make them and the Steelers do not.

Pittsburgh's coming closer, though. Their receivers are beating Chicago deep frequently, including a 45-yard strike from Roethlisberger to Antonio Brown. Roethlisberger missed an open Sanders down the left sideline in the first half as well.

Chicago is winning this game on plays and by pressure. Steelers left tackle Mike Adams is again struggling mightily in all phases of the game. Right tackle Marcus Gilbert was benched in favor of Kelvin Beachum, but there's only so much Beachum to go around.

Stay tuned for the second half. The Steelers may as well die without any bullets in their gun. Anything should be considered fair game at this point.

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