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Winners and Losers from Steelers loss to Chicago Bears

Another forgettable performance for the Steelers' offensive tackles, neither of whom can reasonably expect to continue in their current roles starting in Week 4.

Justin K. Aller

Antonio Brown - There won't likely be any confrontations between Brown and offensive coordinator Todd Haley after his performance Sunday night. One of the greatest catches you'll ever see, and 196 yards, along with two touchdowns. Without question, Brown's best career game.

Ike Taylor - Second game in a row Ike has all but closed off the opposition's best receiver. While Jay Cutler hit Brandon Marshall on a great back shoulder throw for 41 yards. Outside of that, Marshall had four catches for 11 yards on seven targets.

David DeCastro - While the offensive line overall didn't play well, DeCastro had two huge blocks on two of the team's biggest runs of the season. Clearly, this team is not going to run outside zone, but with DeCastro pulling the way he did, maybe there's still hope.

Jonathan Dwyer - Outside of being the benefactor of what was easily the best blocked play of the season (25 yards off the old Steelers' staple 22 double play), Dwyer stood in tough in pass protection on the night, sparking a Steelers comeback from 24-3 to 27-23 in the fourth quarter.


Mike Adams - Little more needs to be said except a complete replacement at left tackle may be in order. He struggled with Julius Peppers, and it won't get any easier with Jared Allen next week.

Marcus Gilbert - Benched early in the game, stood by himself on the sideline. To his credit, he was given another chance and didn't get his quarterback killed.

Felix Jones - It may be unfair to tag him with an "L" after one fumble when Ben Roethlisberger fumbled several times, but the timing of Jones's as well as the relative lack of realistic threat on the play is enough to let him take the heat for all of them. After all, he didn't throw for 400 yards.

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