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Steelers fall to No. 28 in latest SBN Power Rankings

Pittsburgh fell a spot in SB Nation's latest power rankings, dropping from No. 27 to 28 after their loss to Chicago.

Justin K. Aller

It's hard to argue a team should improve in a rankings list after losing at home in a primetime game.

Indeed, the Steelers lost, and they fell a spot.

The Steelers landed at 28 in SBN's latest power rankings, as compiled by Ryan Van Bibber. They are ahead of Cleveland, Oakland, Tampa Bay and Jacksonville. The Steelers were 27th last week, after losing to Cincinnati.

In his explanation, Van Bibber writes, "I wonder if Dan Rooney was alarmed at just how old his team looks now. Age isn't the only problem this team has; Todd Haley's only 46."

And the team's offensive line averages about 24 years of age, and their current experience level is measured in games, not years, but hey, why be precise when hilarious jokes can be made?

The Broncos are at the top of the list, with the Seahawks, Patriots and Bears taking up spots 2-4. The Saints make their first appearance into the top five this week after an impressive 3-0 start.

The Steelers head to London to take on the equally winless Minnesota Vikings (No. 24) in Week 4. After that, they are on bye, before hosting the Jets (No. 18) in Week 6.

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