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A confirmed Chris Rainey sighting: Former Steelers return man/running back tried out for the Chiefs

The question of where in the world is Chris Rainey was answered briefly this week, as the former Steelers return man was spotted trying out for the Kansas City Chiefs. His whereabouts are again unknown.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

Our assumption was, eventually, former Steelers running back Chris Rainey would sign somewhere.

Not because he's overly talented, or that he got a raw deal in Pittsburgh. Simply because he's fast, and kick returners get passed around the league like foreign players taken in the second round of the NBA draft.

Pro Football Talk reported earlier this week Rainey had a tryout with the Kansas City Chiefs, even citing one source who said Rainey clocked in at 4.29 in a 40-yard dash during that tryout.

That wasn't impressive enough, apparently. Rainey remains unsigned. For the record, the Steelers are averaging 22.5 yards per kick return this season, good for eighth in the NFL. With Rainey (and others) they averaged 25.3 in 2012. Or basically the difference of one big return, which Felix Jones appears close to knocking out soon enough.

Perhaps against the struggling special teams units of the Vikings.

Maybe the Chiefs will give Reggie Dunn a look-see, who knows?

As far as Rainey goes, his status remains unchanged; he's unsigned but still very fast.

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