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Steelers release statement in regards to Isaac Redman's concussion

As it turns out, the Steelers have a different version of the events surrounding a concussion suffered by RB Isaac Redman in Week 2.

Kirk Irwin
Not surprisingly, the Steelers quickly issued a statement regarding recent comments made by Steelers running back Isaac Redman that he talked team doctors into letting him return to the field after suffering a concussion.

Also not surprisingly, they disagree with Redman's take on it.

The statement, released to Pro Football Talk, reads:

“Isaac was taken out of the game, and we announced that he was being evaluated for a concussion,” the team said in a statement released to PFT. “He was then taken through the proper protocol by our medical staff and it was deemed he was cleared to return to action after multiple examinations. He then re-entered the game and saw action shortly thereafter and throughout the rest of the game.”

This should, on one hand, close the loop. What exactly Redman hopes to gain from bringing any of this up is a bit confusing, but the team was quick to quash the hailstorm they're likely to get from the national media over the next day or two.

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