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Steelers vs. Vikings first half open thread

The 0-3 Steelers take on the 0-3 Vikings in London in Week 3. Stop in and show your support for the Steelers and chat among other Steelers fans from around the country.

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Not that anyone noticed, but I've been setting the publish time of these at a certain minute to denote a certain Steelers player - a quiet nod of support for various different reasons.

It's No. 26 today, rookie Le'Veon Bell. I would imagine he's bordering on regurgitation right now, looking to make his first appearance with three games - all losses - already passed.

Let's hope it's a good one for the kid. The Steelers sure could stand to run the ball. The're averaging a league-worst 51 yards a game. That's usually the season-low for even average rushing teams.

Either way, the first half from Wembley Stadium in London kicks off in a little bit, so let's chat among fans and friends and comment on the action in the game.

Steelers Inactives:

QB Landry Jones, WR Derek Moye, C Cody Wallace, CB Antwon Blake, CB Isaiah Green and NT Loni Fangupo.


The rules, as always, please be respectful of each other, including fans of the opposing team who may stop by. Trolls will be dealt with swiftly and accordingly, but we welcome fans of all teams here, provided they are respectful and engaging.

Let's keep the profanity to a low roar as well. Also, this is a warning game day threads are not moderated with a Family Friendly filter. There will be swearing, we just ask it's kept in moderation.

Outside of that, enjoy the game, and stick around afterward for our game recap and WInners and Losers. We'll have play breakdowns this week as well - assuming Thirty has recovered from Lane Kiffin Fired Bowl by that time.

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