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Steelers vs Vikings: Kelvin Beachum expected to rotate with Mike Adams more than Marcus Gilbert

Mike Adams and Marcus Gilbert will start today's game in London, but Kelvin Beachum will take the field in the same manner he did last week, only this time he will be spelling Adams rather than Gilbert.

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Hanging on in quiet desperation may be the English way as Pink Floyd puts it, but in England today, it will also be the Steeler Way.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are expected to continue their rotation at OT, using Kelvin Beachum to spell the starters, as they continue to find a way to get some production from their offensive line. Last week against the Chicago Bears, Beachum rotated mostly with Marcus Gilbert at RT, but took a few snaps from Mike Adams on the left side, too.

In a conversation which took place between Steelers Nation Radio host David Todd and Gerry Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette which took place on Thursday, Dulac noted his expectation of Beachum rotating primarily with Adams against the Minnesota Vikings based on his interaction with the team before departing for London.

Beachum may still get a few snaps on the right side, where he ended the the 2012 season as the starter after injuries eliminated both Adams and Gilbert; but the focus seems to be on the left side, now. Gilbert has not been perfect this season, but he has been consistent enough to seemingly be safe this week on the right.

The insertion of Beachum will not be an immediate upgrade, or he would be named a starter. Adams and Gilbert will start the game, and it will be up to them to remain on the field. If the Steelers are able to establish the run and keep the Vikings off of Ben Roethlisberger, Beachum will remain on the sidelines.

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