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Steelers vs. Vikings second half open thread

Minnesota takes a 20-10 lead into the locker room, largely on the steam of two big offensive plays and three sacks from defensive end Jared Allen.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

A sneak peek at the postgame Winners and Losers column...Steelers left tackle Mike Adams will be on there. I'm gonna keep it suspenseful and not tell you which category he'll be in.

The Steelers are otherwise dominating this game, except what appeared to be a defense chasing Greg Jennings in slow motion en route to a 70-yard touchdown reception, and four missed tackles on an Adrian Peterson 60 yard touchdown run.

Outside of those plays, Minnesota has 82 yards of offense.

Along with that, the Steelers have missed three takeaway opportunities, including two drops by cornerback Ike Taylor. The other was a fumble caused by outside linebacker LaMarr Woodley that somehow managed to slide through four Steelers players and into the arms of Jerome Simpson for a Vikings first down.

The Steelers trail 20-10 in a game they should be winning, but with yet another game of horrendous pass protection, almost all of it on Adams, scoring will be hard to come by down the stretch.