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Twitter reaction to Steelers loss to Vikings, 0-4 start

It's ugly, to put it mildly. Mixing between players' quotes and the raw emotion of fans paints a pretty accurate picture as to where the Steelers' season is heading.

Jamie McDonald

Fans are obviously tired of it.

And rightly so. There aren't many actively involved fans who were shouting with the same rage now as they were in 1965 - the last time a Steelers team started this poorly.

Still, it's never good when we're starting to realize collectively "The Standard Is The Standard" isn't the mantra of the team. Nowadays, it's "We Point The Thumbs At Ourselves."

Same reporter, different quote, Ben Roethlisberger doesn't seem to necessarily buy the "us" thing. He dove on a grenade for a veiled Mike Tomlin comment in regards to embattled left tackle Mike Adams.

Maybe he's just preventing everyone from piling on Adams, like so many Jared Allen sacks. Some people, including the writer of this article, feel Roethlisberger played very well against the Vikings, and thoughts of him losing his job are obviously nonsense. Others agree.

Maybe Steelers OLB Alan Baxter summarized it the best.

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