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Heath Miller keeps working closer to his return

Steelers' tight end Heath Miller sees his return to be within reach.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

While Heath Miller has not practiced with the team yet, his return to the team seems closer with every bit of good news heard from the team.

But what is the best sign in all of the talk has been Miller's persistent realism of his situation. While some players might hype their return to the gridiron and how fast they are recovering, Miller maintains the tune that he's taking his road to recovery one day at a time.

''My mindset's not going to change,'' Miller said Monday. ''I just want to keep improving each day and keep stacking those good days together. I still want to think short term, so that's day by day, and keep getting better. That's brought me to this point, and that will take me to a good point soon.''

While Miller's recovery has been very positive for a player that was thought to be out until midseason at one point, the fact that he is keeping his perception of his recovery with a solid tint of realism is a comforting factor that can ease Steeler fans to the belief that when he does return, it will not be a nagging injury.

In addition, Miller has left the plan for his return in the hands of his coaches without complaint. After seeing Pittsburgh's stars struggle for years to recovery from serious injuries, including Troy Polamalu, LaMarr Woodley and others, coach Mike Tomlin would certainly want to take every precaution that Heath Miller is 100% before stepping back into the starting lineup.

While Miller wishes he could have joined his team in the preseason, he recognizes the blessing in having an entire offseason to recover from his late season injury of 2012.

Miller says he is a few steps away from a full recovery. As long as he continues to take his recovery one day at a time and makes the most out of every step he has to, Steeler fans can be confident they'll hear Heath chants a lot in 2013 without the crowd being mistaken for David Paulson.

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