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Steelers Injury Report: Le'Veon Bell out, Isaac Redman to start vs Titans

In his press conference today, Steelers coach Mike Tomlin declared Bell out for Week 1, but had optimistic views on his recovery, and the recovery of starter Redman.


The Pittsburgh Steelers may have drafted Le'Veon Bell to be the starter, but the job belongs to Isaac Redman for now.

During his weekly press conference on Tuesday, head coach Mike Tomlin ruled Bell out for the Week 1 matchup with the Tennessee Titans; but he did speak positively about Bell's condition, acknowledged Bell was out of the boot and participating in partial fashions, but not enough to play on Sunday.

Isaac Redman on the other hand, got a 'clean bill of health' from Tomlin.  Redman missed three consecutive preseason games, listed with a shoulder stinger.  Tomlin named Redman the starter, and declared his confidence in Redman's ability to carry the team in that regard.

Tomlin dictated no certain schedule for the remainder of the backs.  LaRod Stephens-Howling would most likely fill the 3rd down back rule, with Felix Jones spelling Redman with Bell out; but Tomlin made no promises of snaps to anyone.

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