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Steelers coach Mike Tomlin addresses release of Jonathan Dwyer

One of the questions coach Tomlin was confronted with following his opening statements during his press conference today involved the reasoning behind the release of the team's leading rusher from 2012.

Justin K. Aller

If the Pittsburgh Steelers actually released Jonathan Dwyer because they questioned his work ethic or commitment, they are not willing to say so publicly.  Head coach Mike Tomlin was asked about Dwyer's release during his press conference Tuesday, and whether a perceived lack of responsibility had something to do with his expendability.

Tomlin denied the notion about his character and made no mention about salary cap savings.  According to Tomlin, it was about, 'What the other guys had to give us'.

Tomlin mentioned the high-draft pick the team spent on Le'Veon Bell.  He acknowledged the first-round pedigree of Felix Jones, and his natural running ability within the scheme.  Tomlin also recognized LaRod Stephens-Howling as the team's starting kick returner and possible 3rd down back, while naming Isaac Redman the starter based on his experience and consistency.

While the media continues to debate the true reason for the exile of the Steelers leading rusher from 2012, the organization is siding with the 'lack of vision' group and looking forward to the production of the backs they did keep.

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