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Steelers LaMarr Woodley is clear, he's not a part-time player...except for the last two years

The Steelers defense in 2013 is going to be largely predicated on whether they can get to the quarterback and create takeaways. LaMarr Woodley isn't into a rotation system with Jarvis Jones. If he isn't a "part time player," then he needs to show it.

Jared Wickerham

Steelers outside linebacker LaMarr Woodley is not a part-time player.

Well, not always.

He told Tribune-Review reporter Alan Robinson in Thursday's edition,"The only time I've been a part-time player is due to injuries these past two seasons. Other than that, no, I never have been."

So, other than everything that's happened since Week 8 of the 2011 season, he's not a part-time player. The Steelers have played 25 (14-11) games since Woodley first felt the tweak in the back of his leg, and eventually felt his ankle get rolled up on. The Steelers drafted Jarvis Jones because of his fit with the Steelers' system, his athletic ability and to give them some options and depth at their rush linebacker positions.

If Woodley isn't a part-time player, then he shouldn't be playing part-time.

There seems to be some hesitancy from Woodley in accepting a rotation between himself, Jones and Jason Worilds. Whether the three will trade off each series or be used in another rep-saving way remains to be seen, but Woodley's talking the talk, and if he is making plays and staying healthy, he won't be a part-time player.

He just can't blame the Steelers for not necessarily trusting that it will be all-Woodley-all-the-time for four quarters.

It's just been too long since that's happened.

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