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Steelers take 2013 team photos taken Saturday

Some funny photos - intentionally or not - popped up in the Steelers' team photos taken Saturday.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The Steelers web site has the results of the Steelers team photos, which were taken Saturday.

It's a fun, quick view, including some funny photos, including a shot of LaRod Stephens-Howling appearing like a young child next to the mountainous Will Johnson and Antonio Brown looking as if he stole Run DMC's outfit from the "Walk This Way" video in 1986.

Linebacker Sean Spence appears in a shot looking considerably bigger than he was last year. Tight end David Paulson appears to be sporting a Lloyd Christmas-style hair cut. Whether that's intentional, or just the angle of the camera, isn't clear.

Last year, the team modeled their bumble bee uniforms, but they're decked out in their home uniforms, the same ones they'll be wearing in their season-opening game against Tennessee Sunday.

The photo roll displayed on the site shows each position group, including practice squad players, with their position coach. along with the full team shot.

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