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Titans vs. Steelers first half open thread

A place to chat with fans during the first half of the Steelers vs. Titans regular-season opener.

Justin K. Aller

Two AFC rivals squaring off for the first time since 2005 in the season-opener. The Steelers are hosting the Tennessee Titans in a game pitting two teams have have, in many ways, greatly altered the look of their non-playoff teams from last year.

The biggest issue in this game is the difference in starting quarterbacks. It's extremely difficult to argue, on its face, it's wise to pick Jake Locker on the road when Ben Roethlisberger is under center for the opposing team.

Locker is still young, no one's throwing him away right now, but as far as this game is concerned, Locker is the worst opening day quarterback the Steelers have faced since the Charlie Frye/Derek Anderson fiasco of 2007. That in and of itself seems like enough reason to pick the Steelers to win.

The real winners today, though, are fans of the NFL. The season is here, and so is our first regular season open thread of that season, so let's enjoy it.

The Steelers have inactivated:

Heath Miller - TE Landry Jones - QB Le'Veon Bell - RB Cody Wallace - C/G Hebron Fangupo - NT Vince Williams - ILB Antwon Blake - CB

The season is here. Let's get after it!

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