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Titans vs. Steelers second half open thread

Tennessee takes a 7-2 lead on a late touchdown in a defensive battle in Pittsburgh.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Two quarters of football don't usually come with that much excitement for so few points.

The Titans put together an impressive drive to end the half, getting a touchdown from Jackie Battle with under two minutes left in the second quarter.

Steelers center Maurkice Pouncey was taken to an area hospital for an MRI, and it doesn't seem the results are going to be optimistic as far as his return is concerned.

Isaac Redman is pretty much a lock for the post-game Losers list after a half where he fumbled twice (losing one at the goal line) and has -4 yards on six carries.

Given adequate time, Ben Roethlisberger has looked sharp, and moved the offense well at times. He's been pressured constantly, and that led to his interception. The Titans scored off that drive.

This looks like it will come down to Todd Haley's ability to get the offense in a position to control the clock and get in the end zone while keeping Tennessee's impressive running game off the field.

Stay tuned, this will go down to the wire.