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2014 NFL Mock Draft: Another vote for Louis Nix III

What is the value of today's nose tackle? Many expect the Steelers to value it highly enough to use the 15th overall pick in the draft on it.


Does the thought of drafting what's essentially become a two-down player in today's NFL scare you?

If the answer is yes, do not read any further.

NFL Draft Geek has mocked Notre Dame nose tackle Louis Nix III to the Steelers with the 15th overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft.

Let the controversy ensue.

Fact: The Steelers had the 21st ranked rush defense in the NFL in the 2014 season. Fact: The Steelers have seen their nickel back on the field on at least twice as many snaps as their nose tackle over the last five years, at least.

Drafting a player who simply doesn't play often (base defenses are currently undergoing a redefinition across the league) at the 15th overall spot could be seen by some as detrimental to the idea of growth, not to mention Steve McLendon fits more of the mold of a guy who could be on the field more than two downs - just not at the nose tackle position.

Nix appears to be an outstanding athlete, showing quickness not often seen in a player his size. But he won't have another position on the defensive line.

We'll leave it to you to debate on this glorious Mock Draft Monday. Is a nose tackle worth the 15th overall pick, considering the shoddy state of the Steelers' run defense, but knowing he would likely only play in the base defense on first and second downs, as well as short-yardage situations?