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2014 NFL Mock Draft: Steelers select USC WR Marqise Lee

Lee is a polished receiver, but it's fair to question whether he is at or around the 15th best player available in this draft.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Draft Tek is a comprehensive draft resource site that extends their analysis into multiple rounds while keeping a quick-running and clear page.

It doesn't hurt my eyes to look at it, so I look at it fairly often.

Their most recent mock draft has the Steelers nabbing USC wide receiver Marqise Lee with the 15th overall pick.

We broke Lee down, and like what we saw of him. It just may not have been enough to say he's at or around the 15th best player in this draft. He's a savvy pro's-pro kind of receiver, and while some have said his fall-off from his 2012 season compared to this past year is due to changes at the quarterback position, we still think highly of him.

Is he the 15th pick in this draft? That remains up in the air. but Draft Tek, for now, has Lee heading to Pittsburgh.

The poll attached at the bottom will be compiled each week as part of Mock Draft Monday, and the results of each day's featured mock draft will be highlighted as part of Monday's package.