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Ravens vs. Cowboys coin toss results: Dallas will draft 16th

The Cowboys won a league-implemented coin toss to determine who would draft 16th and 17th in the 2014 NFL Draft. Baltimore will draft 17th.

Jamie Squire
The final draft order has been finalized. The Dallas Cowboys will draft 16th, and the Baltimore Ravens will draft 17th.

The coin landed on the Cowboys' side up, giving them the earlier pick between the two teams with matching win-loss percentages.

Neither team made the playoffs in 2013, and face an offseason with their own set of unique challenges. Baltimore began something of a rebuilding effort last season but the changes were done more on the defensive side of the ball. Those changes took root over the course of the season, but their offense, after trading wide receiver Anquan Boldin and losing tight end Dennis Pitta to injury, suffered. Their offensive line struggled quite a bit, leading to a renewed effort to re-establish one of the league's worst running games.

Dallas has battled mediocrity for an extended period of time, and now, mired in a difficult salary cap position, needs to find starters in this draft.