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2014 NFL Scouting Combine Open Thread: Tracking offensive linemen, tights ends and special teams

We're dialed into the individual drills today here at the Combine. Join in with your thoughts and opinions.

Joe Robbins

We'll be here all day observing and opining about the start of individual drills at the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis. has a live feed if you don't have NFL Network and want to watch the Underwear Olympics.

Depth at offensive line is always something to evaluate within any team. The Steelers stocked up on undrafted offensive linemen last year, and it may not be a position of draft priority this year, but it's always a tough position to passon throughout the draft.

Tight end brings with it a lot more intrigue. With both Heath Miller and Matt Spaeth expected to be healthy entering camp, Pittsburgh can get to the point they wanted to be at last year. Instead, they suffered a slow return to the field from Miller and a foot injury kept Spaeth out for nearly the entire season. Establishing a solid third tight end may be considered a need for the Steelers in this draft.

Ask questions, give your opinion on what you're seeing, and stick around all day, we have more content coming up.