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2014 Combine Day 3 Results: Clowney runs, Mack shines, and Donald steals the show

Monday had the defensive linemen and linebackers take the field in the combine. With a large amount of top end prospects, Monday was certainly a day that was intriguing to watch. We break down who stood out.

Joe Robbins

Defensive Linemen

Jadeveon Clowney, DE South Carolina

The media was obsessed with Jadeveon Clowney and the measurables he put up. They were freaky for a man his size, running a 1.56s 10-yard split and a 4.53s 40-yard dash, jumping a 37 1/2 inch vertical and a 10-foot-4 broad jump. However Clowney chose not to participate in the on field drills first citing a dislike of the drills where the lineman starts on the ground to Warren Sapp but then saying it was due to a sore hip flexor yet still ran the 3-cone drill, did the vertical jump and broad jump. For a player who has some change of direction ability concerns and even bigger concerns about his "want to" I think it wasn't as good of a day for Clowney as it could have been because many already knew he was a freakish athlete. Didn't answer many questions.

Aaron Donald, DT Pittsburgh

The explosive 6-foot-1 285  pound defensive tackle put on a show that was more impressive than even Clowney did on Monday. His 1.59s 10-yard splits was insanely good for a man his size and he finished the 40-yard dash at 4.68s. Prior to getting on the field Donald impressed at the bench press putting up 35 reps of 225 pounds. In the on field drills Donald moved like a linebacker. He changed direction well, turned the corner extremely well and fired off into the pads with quick hands. One of the most impressive days of any DT I have seen at the Combine.

Ra'Shede Hagemen, DT Minnesota

Hageman prior to stepping on the field had a good showing in the bench press with 32 reps. He didn't wow with his 10-yard spit and his overall 40-yard dash was just good at 5.02. Where Hageman  helped himself was in the on field drills. One of the many questions about his game was his change of direction but Hagemen showed good fluidity for a man his size. He also showed a nice area burst. He may not jump up to top 10 status but he confirmed his first round status with a solid all around day.

Will Sutton, DT Arizona State University

Sutton must has to be getting some horrible advice from someone. Two years ago Sutton was an explosive playmaker dominating the PAC-12. He was also undersized. He decided to put on at least 20 pounds for his 2013 campaign and looked sluggish and out of shape. He looked just as poor at the Senior Bowl. He dropped down to 303 pounds for the combine but it didn't help. He had a horrible 10-yard split, ran a 5.36 forty yard dash and really didn't show lateral agility. He did show some quick feet and coordination in the bag drills but Sutton's stock has been taking a hit since the beginning of the college football season since he decided to add weight.

Michael Sam, DE Missouri

Many in the media still wished to focus on issues that were not football related. On the field however Sam has issues of his own to deal with. He ran a poor 4.91 40-yard dash, he had an incredibly pedestrian 24.5 inch vertical jump, only 17 reps in the bench and didn't move well in drills. Sam is a player whose body type says linebacker but his movement skills say DE only. For  player that won more on hustle than talent in college this is concerning.


Khalil Mack, LB Buffalo

Mack solidified himself as the best defensive prospect in the draft. At over 250 pounds he had a 1.56s 10-yard split in his 4,65s 40 yard dash.  His 20 yard shuffle was fifth among linebackers. He jump a ridiculous 40.5 inch vertical and had one of the best broad jumps on the day. On the field he was explosive in his change of direction drills, and he showed outstanding balance and body control. Mack is the best defensive player in this draft and he did nothing in Indy to have me thinking otherwise.

C.J. Mosley, LB Alabama

Electing not to run the 40-yard dash Mosley chose to do the other measured exercises. As anticipated he didn't stand out in any of them. In the on field drills though, Mosley showed a lot of what he did on tape. He had incredibly smooth change of direction, good footwork and nice body control. He did however drop an easy throw that hit him right in the hands which was something he also showed on tape.

Kevin Pierre-Lewis, LB Boston College

Listed at only 6-foot and 232 pounds Pierre-Lewis wasn't a highly regarded prospect. O film he was incredibly explosive, showed incredible lateral agility and speed to the football. At the Combine he confirmed it running a 4.51 40-yard dash and finishing in the  top performers in every category in the measured drills. Pierre-Lewis struggles taking on blocks, doesn't find the football well but what he did in Indy should have elevated him to a late round prospect as a potential special teams player.