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Five questions with Rodney Ketterlen of Ketterlen Super Scouts

Behind The Steel Curtain asked Rodney Ketterlen of Ketterlen Super Scouts - a football-related scouting service used by an undisclosed amount of NFL teams - a few questions about the 2014 NFL Scouting Combine, which concludes in Indianapolis today.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports
Which prospect has boosted their stock the most so far in the Combine? Not everyone is done yet, but who has stood out the most to you?

The correct answer is none, because the combine is useless. However, I will play your game for a minute. The answer is Teddy Bridgewater, because he did nothing at the combine except show off a bigger, leaner body.

The NFL can thank Ketterlen Super Scouts for this as well. After our initial testing session with Bridgewater early in January, when he failed the Impact Injury Assault Drill, we told Teddy he needed to get bigger, in a hurry. And the result was obvious over the weekend, he did what was necessary.

The wide receiver group has been lauded as one of the deepest in a long time. Do you feel there will be one good enough and available when the Steelers are on the clock in the first round?

Lauded by who? I will provide a bit of exclusive information, but for the first time since 2005 a wide receiver failed the baby toss drill, and it was a receiver perceived by many to be a first round selection. We have removed the receiver from our draft eligible list. Kelvin Benjamin is a player we consider to be ranked lower by many experts than he should be. His ratings in our testing, especially the Fear Run, were extraordinary.

Many are tabbing Notre Dame nose tackle Louis Nix III as the Steelers’ likely target, do you agree with that?

Louis Nix III is profiled in Part III of my series for your website tomorrow, but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out why Nix III is currently struggling to hold a sixth-round grade from our service.

Anybody who watched the National Championship game at the end of the 2012 season saw Nix III get beat like he stole something, but because of the Notre Dame hype machine, and his size, he’s a first rounder? Do me a favor, watch the game film again and pay attention to his pad leverage, and look for his profile tomorrow.

The Steelers traded a third round pick in this draft to Cleveland for the rights to take Shamarko Thomas in the fourth round last year. From what you’re seeing of this class, do you think that was a good move?

No, the Pittsburgh Steelers hurt themselves this year by losing a third-round pick by trading for a player who didn’t make an impact last season.

Thomas was supposed to be a big play safety, if you believed what the “experts” said about him entering the draft last year, but our testing, especially in the Trampoline Launch, suggested he was simply a mediocre big-play safety.

We were also concerned about his ability to cover the receivers after he scored well below average in the Chihuahua Chase. This was evidenced by Thomas being targeted 16 times last year and allowing 14 catches in just 193 snaps at safety. I think I would rather have my third round selection this year.

Who is the top pick of this draft?

For a number of reasons (some legal) I cannot divulge before the draft who we are recommending as the top selection to the teams that subscribe to our service. However, I will be providing some exclusive player recommendations in the final part of my series tomorrow, which your readers can look forward to.