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Local report says Steelers and Broncos had 'lots of representatives' talking to Kelvin Benjamin

SB Nation's Florida State site, Tomahawk Nation, saw several Steelers coaches, scouts and front office types (including Kevin Colbert, Mike Tomlin and Todd Haley) speaking with one of the biggest high-risk-high-reward players in this year's draft.

Kelvin Kuo-Oncea-USA TODAY Sport
Dustin Tackett of Tomahawk Nation - SB Nation's Florida State blog - was all over his beat Tuesday, watching the Florida State Pro Day and highlighting the particulars via Twitter. We haven't worked with Tackett at all, but he does a great job overall, judging by the depth of his site.

One particular item caught our eye, for pretty obvious reasons.

Perhaps priority one for the Steelers Tuesday really was getting the dirt on one of the more high-risk-high-reward prospects in this year's draft: Florida State wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin. The experienced draft-related personnel both in the media and among teams will tell you never believe fully the impressions teams are trying to give during Draft Season. We believe Tackett saw several Steelers clothing-adorned people talking to Benjamin, but knowing these kinds of reports will circulate, it raises questions as to how interested the Steelers were before attending his Pro Day, and how interested they are now after they've spoken to him.

If nothing else, they put in a lot of time and effort just to put up a smokescreen. Perhaps, though, they were just going down there for some tacos.