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Steelers pre-draft visits: DE/OLB Scott Crichton, CBs Shaquille Richardson and Jason Verrett in Pittsburgh

The Steelers continued their meetings with draft prospects today by hosting the expected visits of Jason Verrett and Shaquille Richardson and an unexpected one in the shape of Scott Crichton.


Once again Bob Labriola from the official Steelers site is breaking the news of players that have made it to Pittsburgh today for a meeting with the Steelers.

When the list of names starting coming out of prospects who were scheduled to visit the Steelers facility Shaquille Richardson, CB from Arizona was the first name to appear almost a month ago now.

Finally he got his opportunity today and was joined by Jason Verrett, CB from TCU and Scott Crichton, OLB from Oregon State who had previously been linked to the Steelers by way of a meeting at the Combine in January.

Richardson is another Cornerback prospect that looks to have good size at 6-foot plus and decent speed and quickness. With more experience in a zone scheme at college he may be well suited to the Steelers scheme and with good coaching could ultimately emerge as a great pick in the middle rounds.

Jason Verrett is an extremely highly rated Cornerback that would be a guaranteed high pick in the first round if he was just a little bit taller. At 5-foot-9 he is a little short to be handling some of the giant WRs that are in vogue these days but he has great talent and athletic ability that would make him at least a very good inside nickle corner and should see him off the boards by the middle of the second round at the latest.

Scott Crichton becomes the seventh Outside Linebacker invited to Pittsburgh so far in this draft process making it by far the most evaluated position at the team facility.

Although Crichton played Defensive End at Oregon State he would most likely be expected to transition to OLB with the Steelers. He could possibly be looked at to add bulk and play as a 5 technique DE. At 6-foot-3 and 265 dropping weight to become an OLB in a 3-4 would seem more likely from the Steelers perspective and it might well be that he would be better suited remaining a defensive end on a team that plays a 4-3.